Best skills you should learn during lockdown 2020

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We all know that we are fighting from a common enemy ‘COVID-19’ by which everything in life is stuck and we have no option but lock ourselves in home for safety of you and your families. But you know what in my opinion this is the golden opportunity to develop new skills and inhance your knowledge. You have lot’s of free time that you either waste or use to learn new skills.

But the question is that What should I learn during lockdown ?

So, that’s why I am here to teach you Top 5 best skills to learn during lockdown. And when every thing get normal you use this skills to put on resume and use to find high profile job or work as freelance.

Top 5 Skills You Should Learn During Lockdown

1.Learn to Code

Coding is one of the high profile and highly paid job that’s why it has first place in my list. Now talking about coding and programming many of you think that it is very hard to learn and there is need of some kind of degree or specific background but that’s not truth.

Truth is anyone can learn programming at any age from anyone background. You can also learn programming if you are absolute beginner and use this skill to put on resume. There are many programming language which learn

for example-

  • Python
  • JAVA
  • C Language
  • C++
  • Ruby

2.Web Development

Web development is one of the most demanding career option in these days. But first let’s understand that What is meant by web development?

basically Web development is building or creating beautiful and responsive websites and the demand of web developer are increasing day by day. Everyone taking their business or service online on websites for which they need web developer who can create interactive websites for them as well as many IT companies hiring Web developer at good annual package.

How can I Learn Web Development

You can learn web development sitting at home by online courses. there are both free and paid courses are available online but again I prefer you to go for paid courses because they provide you certification which makes you a certified web developer.

some of the best websites to learn web development

  • Codewars
  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Codeacademy
  • The Odin Project

3. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the hot topic on internet basically in digital marketing we internet, social media, web browsers to consumers for example- you have a website where you sell products and you want to reach more and more consumers the you take help of digital marketer which helps you to reach your targeted audience.

With the day by day growth of internet the digital marketing is also growing and the scope of of digital marketing is increasing.

What are the types of digital marketing

  • Content marketing
  • social media marketing
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing, etc

How to learn digital marketing at home in 2020

Their are many online digital marketing courses available on internet both free and paid but in these I suggest you to go for free digital marketing courses because digital marketing is the thing which you can learn free of cost but if you have some money to invest you can go for paid courses.

4. Copywriting

It’s is one of the high demanding skill when it comes to working in startup or establishing brand. In copywriter we sell product without your involvement and help to make lot’s of revenue in limited time.

And the best part is that you can learn copywriting by practising even if you have never done copywriting before. Company who do any sort of advertising will need copywriter because if the want to reach their targeted audience they need someone who can write good script.

So if you are interested in this skill and want to make career in copywriting you can go for it.

5. Start Blog

In lockdown we have lot’s to time to try new thing and blogging is one of that thing which you can do in free time and generate some money from it.

Yes, that true you can earn money by blogging by sitting at home and now days blogging is more then the hobby, many of the people doing blogging as full time career and generating lot’s of revenue.

How I Start blogging

Basically in blogging you share your knowledge with everyone by writing content on website. You can share anything in your blog it can be related to tech, Education, Facts, News, etc.

Simple steps to Start blogging in 2020

  • Step 1- Select your niche
  • Step 2- Choose blogging platform
  • Step 3- Pick a domain name
  • Step 4- Get hosting
  • Step 5-Create website
  • Step 6- Write content

So, these are some of my favorite skills to learn in lockdown in 2020, if you like this post then share it with your friend and for more post like that comment down below

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