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In this age of technology Internet is a part of our life, it’s hard to imagine life without it. Internet has it’s own world where you can do any thing you want, like for working purpose, for fun, or for educational purpose, it can be anything. Every year many software engineer work on it, to make it more reliable to use. But have you ever thought, how really internet works. We are going to give you little overview on working of internet in 2 simple step

Step 1:What is Internet

To understand how Internet works you have to what as the basic aspects of Internet. Internet is basically interconnected networks of computers. Where some of computers are web servers which specially contain the server content  of websites  and other are just client devices which we use everyday like our laptops,table or mobile phones. 
Now our question is that, how internet works that’s why we only focus on the web servers. Web severs are connected to each other via cables which are made up of Fiberoptic cables around the world. And what is travelling in this cables are data which is travelling all around the world. Web servers contain the address of our favorite website for example- Facebook, Instagram, askbucket, etc, all the websites have there unique address known as ip address.
                                                                          So the question is that, how we connect to the internet.
Now there comes the role of your Internet service provider (ISP’s).Web servers allows us to connect our client to it and the internet service provider is the gateway which help’s us to connect to the web servers.

Step 2:How internet work

Now in above section we learn about what is internet,but question is still remain same that how internet works? These where your browser comes into play.
Your browser is like ‘client application’ which means that the program which allow to request to different website and respond to the data which is come from those to explain you whole process i am going to show you several steps to making request to

1. In the above section I already taught you that every web server have there unique ip address.and has also have there ip address. for example-

2. Now when we search from website URL(uniform resource locator) like “” then the browser try to know that you are searching for that ip address for that browser contact to DNS (domain name service) which is like a phone book where browser look up for ip address for that URL.
3.When the browser successfully retrieved the ip address it try to connect the web server by connecting to the socket connection. In simple language you are trying to connect to the web server and if you get respond from server that means server is open and you’re connected.
4. Now your browser and the web server are connected to open network, and you can request for the specific post on website.but to sent your request over internet it have to follow several rules which specify that how the request must be formatted. These rules are known as TCP/IP and HTTP protocol.
5. In order to travel of data over the internet, every request made by browser and every response send by web server has to be divided into small packet of data. Aside of containing binary bits of data , each packet of data knows the ip address where to go and reassemble after reaching destination ip address.

6. Now requesting for specific post on the website. the request are divided into small packet of data and the transfer of these data over internet there are routers along the way and other similar devices which direct the data packet to there destination ip address.

7. The request for the post arrive to web server and the website search for the specific post. When the website found the post it send the response to the browser in small data packet.
8. Finally, the data packet comes to the browser , your browser reassemble all the data packet and display the post on screen.
And that’s all about how Internet work  and I hope this post is helpful for you all and if you all want more post like this comment down below, share with your friends and follow us on Facebook.
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