How to became android app developer: 4 Simple ways

Android app has there own importance,it is very wide industry where you can find different app for every different work. It can be anything like for entertainment, education, gaming, social media, and so on. That’s why there is lot’s of scope in field of android app development where you can build a bright career in this field, but that not easy thing you need to enhance your knowledge and skill. That’s why we are to teach you how you can became an android app developer.

1.Learn about tools: Android SDK, Eclipse + ADT Plugin

Now there are some tools which used in development of android apps, like android SDK, Eclipse +ADT Plugin. You can develop apps on PC, MAC, Linux but you to gather the knowledge of this tools because these tools are very important part of android development.
Android SDKAndroid SDK (Software development kit) includes the android code libraries, android emulators and some important set of codes for android app development.
Eclipse Eclipse is powerful text editor where you can find best feature for android app development like syntax highlighting, API Documentation, and package organizations. And, use ADT plugins which make android app development easier.
There is basic tools used in android app development.

2.Learn Android API

In android app development series,android API ( application programming interface) which has great package of command set which help you to write code to control on-board and audio recording feature, to Bluetooth and Wifi access. After you have a strong packages of these command set you are able to implement hardware and features of android devices in your mobile application.

3. Learn Programming

Now, android app development is not possible without knowledge of programming because a mobile app is the is also contain a set of codes and for that you have to learn programming. That’s why you have to generate a problem solving attitude and enhance your programming language.The best programming language in my opinion for android app development is Python  or JAVA.
Where to learn: You can learn programming at any local computer institute in your area where they providing programming courses and also providing certificates.You can also take help of internet where you can find many websites which are provide paid as well as free courses for python or java programming.

4.Enhance Your Practical Knowledge

Now in the above section we learn about what you need to became android app developer but real part is to improve your practical knowledge because practical knowledge is very important for app developer.Try to build your own apps, you can make any type of app it can be for entertainment purpose, food, shopping, educational and so on. By practical knowledge you can understand that what type of app do people need or what type app is helpful for people in there day to day life. So, go and improve your practical skills.
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