How to become a computer programmer

Hello friends today i am here to tell you how to became computer programmer.Now in these days of technology computer programming skills are highly demanded in all over the world. In today time internet become a biggest marketplace and programmer plays very important role in this field. In this post we are going to show you how you can become computer programmer in five simple steps.

STEP 1:How to start

Now the first question is that where to start.So to take step in the field you must have to know some basic knowledge of computer for that you can take the introductory course which you can learn easily to you nearest computer institutes. Where you can learn some basic term to become computer programming.For example
  • Creating logic
  • Discrete mathatics
  • programming languages
You can start learning some basics of programming language by taking part into different paradigms starting from basic of  C programming after functional and logical programming and you can also learn ruby, python/pascal at the beginning and after  gaining some good knowledge you can go deeper in C++/C#/JAVA,ETC. 

STEP 2:Identify your field in programming

Now in the cyber world of programming you have to decide which type of programmer you want to become.By the learning of programming languages you got many opportunity in many programming field. That’s why you have to decide which type of programmer you want to be.For example

1.Web developer

2.Ethical hacker

3.Android app developer

4.Computer app developer

5.Data analysist

6.Game designer

and many more.

STEP 3: Develop your skills

After deciding what type of programmer you want to be you need to develop your programming skills.learn the technologies and programming languages related to your field of interest.learn database concepts ,such as:
  • MS Access
  • DB V
  • Fox Pro
  • Paradox
  • MySQL is good database to learn and it also free.
for developing your skills you can join the community of coders and programmers .do research about programming related to your interest on internet .you can take part in different programming and bug tracing events to grow your skills.

Generate a problem solving attitude.

STEP 4:Where to learn

So in first 3 step i  taught you how to start learning programming but now in this step i gonna tell you where to learn programming or where to take lessons.So there are both option to become certified programmer offline and online.
OFFLINE: In now days there are many institute are available nearby you who are giving best knowledge about programming .if you want you can join to those institute and learn from there and they also provide certification in programming.
ONLINE:  Now if you want to learn programming but you don’t have enough time to spend in travelling and you want to learn programming at home then no problem you can learn programming only by sitting at home. There are many  content about programming is available online, you can also learn programming by watching videos on youtube, and there are also many website who helps you to learn programming and they also give you certification.

I hope this post is helpful for you if you like this post , please comment down below, and if you want me to post more about programming you can tell me in comment section. THANK YOU

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