In this age of technology the no. of online companies  is increasing day by day and the internet becomes biggest online market place to protect there server There is term in computer security or cyber security which is known as ethical hacking.It is the community of expert programmer and network wizard who’s work is to protect the companies server by entering in the loophole or bug present in there sever and fix it. now we are going to teach you to become a hacker, learning basic hacking techniques, requirment to become ethical hacker in 2 simple step.

1. Requirement to become ethical hacker

There is no special degree you need to become an ethical hacker. Anyone can learn ethical hacking no specific degree but what you need to know is some basic of computer and also a programming the main part is come to learn ethical hacking you must have to know  programming language and some basic knowledge of computer.Now the question is that how to learn programming languages and which one.

list of programming languages

1.Python script
These are the some important programming languages used by ethical hackers and one of these most popular programming language in sector of ethical hacking is PYTHON. and you can learn these programming languages both offline and online.

2.Where to learn and get certification in ethical hacking.

Now after leaning programming languages and basic skills of computer the question is that where learn ethical ethical hacking and get certification.there both way to learn offline and online.


if you want to learn ethical hacking offline then you have to a trusted institute nearby you which can help you in that.


Now talking about to learning ethical hacking online.there is many opportunity you can find much more thinks about ethical hacking and there is thousands of websites and video available on youtube which help you to learn.But main point is that we need certification so for that i suggest you to go on the website of  EC COUNCIL  most trustable website which gives you certification in ethical hacking.
I hope these information help you and if you want more information regarding ethical hacking tell me in comment section THANK YOU.


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