Gaming industry one the biggest and cool career option for young generation.Because video games are extremely popular in every generation like adults as well as children.everyone love to play games and the other reason of popularity in career of game designer is best revenue. if your game got success than you will become millionaire.And if you are going to decide to make career as game designer and you want to know where to start then you are at the right place. I’m gonna taught you how you can became a game designer in 4 simple steps.

STEP 1:Skills need to became game developer

If you want to became a game developer you need develop you skill.But the question is that what type of skill. So the game designing is not only about programming it’s like movie making where you need some more skills with the programming. In game designing it involves level designing, there are programmer to write the source code and script, 3D modular to craft the player,etc. You have to decide your specialization and take course accordingly.

Required skills for game developer

requirement to became a game developer is earn bachelor degree in field of computer science where you can get knowledge of programming. although requirement for these major differ , most of the students complete core courses in math, computer science, and data analysis. 
  • Develop a high level math skill
  • Get a bachelor degree
  • learn programming
  • connect to the community of game developer
  • try to design your own game,etc.

STEP 2:Learn programming

Now you should know that programming is most important part of gaming world.Without programming skill game designing is not possible. That’s why if you want to become a professional in field of game designing you should have to develop your programming skills.Because in game designing  there are programmer who had to write source code and scripts.Now which type of programming languages you need to know to became game designer.So there are list of programming language you need to know :

  • Python
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • C#
  • JAVA Script
  • JAVA- JAVA is most popular programming language to build sever-side application for game development.

STEP 3:Generate a problem solving attitude

To became a game developer you need to generate a problem solving attitude. It means that you have to challenge yourself to develop a attitude of game developer by taking challenges.Try to learn every thing about game designing.get friendly with commercially available game engines For example ‘Cry engine’, ‘source’, ‘radiant’, and ‘unreal’ comes along with the games. These will help you to make your own character. you can take online video lessons how to work on these game engines.
Do practice to upgrade your level .start by make basic level game by your own self after you get to perfection you can try to do much can take help of online tutorial to upgrade your programming to your teachers to get get better knowledge.

STEP 4:Where to learn

Now last but not the least in above steps you learn what you need to became game developer. But now the question is where to learn.So basically now i am going to tell you about how to start.

  • Develop a high level math skill
  • Get a bachelor degree. try to get bachelor degree in the field of computer science and programming.
  • Develop your programming skill. you can develop you programming skill by watching online tutorial there are many website who are providing good knowledge of programming.
  • Learn to use game engines like ‘cry engine’, ‘source’, ‘unreal’. you can also find online tutorial to how to use game engines.
  • You can also get nano degree in game developing from online.In my suggestion you have to go for Google Udacity who is providing nano degree in game developing.

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