How to Become Robotics Engineer: Top 5 robotics based project

Robotics engineering one of the most demanding field in engineering,because this is age of technology where robots are become the most helpful creation of human. These humanoid creature are able to work like human as well as with the help of AI( Artificial Intelligence) they got the power to think like humans which make them better companion of human.

Now if you are one of those person who has interest in AI and robotics then you are at the right place.
Today we are going to tell you that what you really need to become robotics engineer and make a bright career in the field of robotics.

Step 1: Enhance Knowledge of Math and Science

Now, If you seek to learn Robotics engineering you have to work on your basic building block which is math and science.Because having the knowledge of math and science help you to boost your career as robotics engineering. And if you are in your high school then taking math science as stream is perfect choice if you want to make career in engineering.

Step 2: Take Degree in engineering 

Now, our second step is to take bachelor degree in engineering,it is most important step because to learn more about robotics engineering, bachelor degree is the best option. To make career in robotics the best stream in engineering is computer science and electronic engineering.

Because taking electronic engineering help you out to learn about electronic component and electric circuit. And computer science teach you to work on AI based programming which is very important part of Robotics.

Step 3: Learn About AI ( Artificial Intelligence )

When it’s come to make career in robotics, the thought of AI( Artificial Intelligence ) Always there because technology in robotics is increased in past few year, where AI becomes the important part in robotics.AI help these humanoid creature to think and respond to human.
Now, having some knowledge of programming help you out to work with AI very easily and by these you can enhance your expertise in AI. But let me clear you all one thing that working on AI is not that easy thing, you have to do hard work to reach those expertise.

Step 4: Make Your Own Projects

The fourth and final step I’m gonna tell you guys that work on your own projects because doing practical is whey more beneficial then theoretical knowledge. 
Try to design you ideas into reality, you can start by working on simple project during your engineering which gonna help you to enhance your knowledge. There are list of some project which you can do at your home-

Top 5 best Robotics Project

  • Gesture based Robotics
  • Sensor Guided Robotics Project
  • WiFi controlled Robotics Project
  • Swarm Robotics Project
  • Maze Solver Robot

These are some home based project in robotics which you can do to enhance your knowledge.

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