How to Build Gaming PC at Home: Requirements to built gaming PC

Building a gaming PC is not that is thing, maybe you have overall good PC,but that’s not enough. If you want to enhance you gaming experience you have to upgrade you PC to another level.But making a gaming PC is much more than looking ‘cool’. So,today we going to tell what really a gaming PC needs and how you can make a gaming PC very easily.

 List of component to build a gaming PC

  • Processor (CPU)
  • Motherboard
  • RAM(as per your need)
  • Video card
  • Hard drive storage
  • best cooler
  • Operating system

Now these are the basic component you need to build a gaming PC. So, let’s talk about these component in detail.

1.Processor (CPU) you want for your system

Now choosing a best processor as per your system need is not that easy thing. you have to follow some benchmark rule before choosing your system processor. Compare the processors available in market as per there price and performance.

  • Intel processor are good in single threaded application and for primary game but in my opinion you have to go for AMD processor which are good at multi-threaded  applications.

2.Motherboard that support your processor

Before choosing a motherboard that support your processor, you have to note down about processor socket (ex- LGA 1150 or AM3+), memory module type (ex-240 pin) and the RAM frequency (ex- 1066 MHz) in choosing motherboard. There are different kind of motherboard (for ex- Mini ITX or Micro ATX)

  • Careful about the high frequency because with think high frequency RAM work more faster and better but this is not always case. Sometimes higher frequency RAM also have high failure rate.
  • In the above section I was telling you to write down the number of pin of memory module because, how it connect to motherboard. More pin does not equate to better performance.

3.RAM (as per your need)

Get enough RAM to meet your needs, having more RAM or desktop memory offer a smoother performance and faster loading time.Now there are many different type of RAM available in market,choose the RAM by comparing there price,quality and performance.                                               You have to by enough memory to a better result, If a game need 2 GB RAM to run that dose not mean that it will run smoother, what it’s really mean that it’s enough to run badly.At the same time it does not mean that having more RAM is always better, it depends on what type of program you want to run.So, go and choose RAM as per your requirement.

4.Video card or Graphic card

Now talking about graphic card it is most important part in building a gaming computer, it is very tough to choose your ideal graphic card because there is so many different graphic card.In this case you have to go for reviews of known gamer and performance of that graphic card.some of the famous gamers recommended NVIDIA  cards which are quit popular in market and which is I personally recommended.

5. Hard drive storage

Audio files, video files,or  data of game requires more storage that’s why you have to ensure that you have enough storage space for better performance because some of game need very large amount of storage to store there data.
SATA card are currently the best choice because there is small cables allows for better airflow and transfer speed then older PATA cables. And having SSD (solid state drive) highly impact gaming performance.

6.Cooling system for your gaming PC

Cooling system is more important for a gaming PC because high end PC case fans are not so useful that’s why liquid cooling is best in high end computers.

7.Operating system

At last after assembling all component, you have to choose a better operating system, for smoother performance and in my opinion windows tends to be best operating system for better gaming experience. So, choose operating system as per your requirement.I hope this post is might useful for you all and if you want more content like that comment down below,share with your friends and follow us.

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