How to Choose Topic for Your Blog: Top 5 Best Niche For Your Blog

Blogging is one of the best online income source, and the best part about the blogging is that you don’t need any degree or anything to start blogging  anyone can do it and earn lot’s of money by doing it. But it’s not that easy to work on a blog you need lot’s of hard work and patience, you can simply start blogging by making free blog on your desire platform, it can be WordPress or Blogger.

But today we are not going to talk about how to setup your blog because we already written an article on How to start blogging which link we are giving down below-

How to Start Blogging For Money

Let’s move to our main Question which asked by maximum no. people are before starting blog which is On what topic should we start our blog because choosing your specific niche for blog is important that’s why we are here, we are going to tell you Top 5 Best Niche For Your Blog

Top 5 Best Niche For Your Blog


Now the first topic for your blog in our Top 5 list is Gaming, yeah that’s true writing your blog on gaming related topic is quit beneficial. because in past few year gaming industry has grown so far and amount of game lovers in all around the world is increasing day by day. 
And that’s why they want to know more about there favorite games and that’s be your chance to make your blog successful by writing on games. You can start with giving game reviews, updates and tips and trick tutorial.

2.Tech blogging

 Second topic in our list is tech blogging, now most of the person step out from this because there is lot’s of competition in field of tech blogging, many of website are already doing great in this sector but still this one of the best topic on which you can setup your blog.
You can start writing with tech news, phone reviews. latest tech tips, and talking about upcoming gadgets and many more. So, if you are tech lover than it is best choice for you.

3.Health and Fitness

Now moving towards on our top 5 list, our third topic is health and fitness and believe me it is one of the successful blogging topic all around the world because in past few years many people become very responsible toward their health and physic by the fitness industry grown so big.
And if you are one of those person who are fitness lover then that’s only for you. You can start we giving fitness and health related tips and tricks.

4.How to Tutorials

How to do anything and everything, yup you heard right basically in this type of blog we give information about everything in form of How to Tutorial and this type of websites called as reference website like Us. Our website AskBucket is basically based on same topic where we give knowledge in form of How to Tutorials. So, if you are one of those guys who like to share information than that is for you.

5.Travelling blog

Now, the last and fifth topic of our Top 5 list is Travel blog, basically this type of blog are quit popular because every one love travelling and want to know more about different type of place all around the world and with the help of these type of blog you can share your experiences of exploring different place with others and many people loves to read this type of blog. So, if you are one those person who travel a lot then it is the best niche for you.

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