How to do gaming live stream from PC

Playing games is one the best feeling and that’s why no. of game lovers increasing day by day. There are many game lovers who not just only love playing game but also loves to watch the gameplay of there favorite games, and there came the role of live stream.Video game stream is very popular now days and if you are one of those person who want to do live stream of your gaming experience than your at the right place.

Now streaming is like sharing your gameplay experience and reaction on the real time. People love this type of gaming stream, it’s like many people came in single game room and watching you and your gaming skills which also help you to get fame as a gamer.

But wait there, I have to clear you that doing gaming live stream is not that easy thing it has there own requirement, but don’t worry we are here to tell what type of setup you really need to do gaming live stream and best platform to do live streaming with PC.

1. Setup You Need

Now talking about setup for live streaming there are two thing which come first in our mind is your gaming setup and internet connection.
Having a gaming setup or PC is very important for doing live stream because if you want to enhance your gaming experience and to do a lag free streaming you have to build a gaming setup. So, the question is that what you really need to build a gaming setup. There are the list of some basic component you need to build a gaming PC.
list of component 
  • Processor (CPU)
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
  • Video card
  • Hard drive storage 
  • Operating system
These are some basic component that you need to build a gaming PC and if brief description about how to build a gaming PC, click the link given below-
After having a gaming PC you just need a MIC, Headphones, and a webcam to start your live streaming.

2.Best Platform For Streaming

Now after building our ideal gaming setup, the question is that where to do live stream. There are many different live streaming platform but today we are going to tell you two best live streaming platform which I personally recommend to you is YouTube and Twitch.

Streaming With Twitch

Twitch is no.1 streaming platform for every gamer which provide biggest gaming broadcast in the world.If you want to reach larger audience you have to try twitch. To do live streaming of your gameplay you have to install couple of apps.
First of all the basic thing you have to do is sign up and make account on Twitch 
After making account you just have to copy stream key, a unique code that will link and stream your profile on Twitch.
Now you have to show some basic content on your live stream is live video capture of your gameplay, in game audio, and your webcam and microphone.In that case you have to download simple broadcasting apps like OBS(Open Broadcast Software). After you finish with installation of OBS app you’ll be prompted to enter stream key and then your OBS app and Twitch account are connected and you are ready to stream.

Streaming With YouTube

The second streaming platform in our list is YouTube,  which is another best option to reach more audience by live stream your gaming experience. For streaming live in  YouTube you have to do same process like Twitch, first you have to Sign up in YouTube and make your channel.
Install the OBS app and copy the stream key( don’t share your stream key) given by YouTube and that will link your YouTube account and now you are ready to stream.

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