How to earn money online in india

Getting job and earning money is not that easy thing in place like India. That’s why we are here to tell you how to earn money online in India. We provide best genuine and trusted online job and all online jobs are free without investment.No degree, no qualification you needed to work online. I’m gonna tell you 5 ways to earn online

  • Freelancing job
  • Transcription job
  • Domain buying and selling
  • YouTube
  • Blogging



Now the freelancing job is one of the most highest paid job online where you can earn lots of money. In Freelancing job you have to provide service to the client as per your knowledge and skills.

In Freelancing job you are your own boss and you can work on your own terms sitting at the home.

There are many freelancing jobs are available online as per your skills like- coding, writing, digital marketing, web designing, singing and many more. You can work on basis of your skill and knowledge and earn lots of money.

2. Transcription job 

The second most paying online job is transcription job. Now what is transcription job?
So basically the transcription job is also called as writing job in which a client provide you audio or video file and you have to convert that audio or video file into text and submit to the client.
Sound’s easy, yeah it is and you can do this work  sitting at the home and generate very good revenue from this transcription job.
Their are many websites which provide you transcription job at good price. So if you are interested go for it.

3.Domain buying and selling.

Now the third online income method in our list is domain buying and selling. The business of domain buying and selling is quit good income source.
So basically in the business of domain buying and selling you just have to buy a domain name from any online domain selling website where you can get domain at 500-1000 Rs and you can sell this domains at very high price about 50,000-1,00,000 Rs.
You just have to do that buy domain which are quit interesting, attractive and S.E.O friendly which people can buy easily. Their are many online platform where you can sell your domain at very good price.


The fourth online income source in our list is YouTube. Now some of you are quit familiar with YouTube.
YouTube is one of the most popular way of income and in now days everyone wants to become a YouTube star. So basically YouTube is the product of Google and it provide a platform where you can upload your video as per your talent.
 It will be anything like- singing, dancing, tech, teaching,  comedy, and many more depending upon your talent and interest and when people watch your videos you will get paid.
And that’s why YouTube is one the best online income source.


Last but not the least the fifth online income source in our list is blogging.Now in blogging you have to make your blog post where you can share your knowledge and skills with people.
That can be anything like- technology news, fashion, lifestyle, teaching, and many more. you can make blog post on anything as per your interest and knowledge. And blogging is one of the most famous online earning source and you can also take blogging as full time career.
Their are many website where you can start your blog for free and generate very good amount of revenue.So if you are interested in this field go for it.
I hope this post is helpful for you if you like this post share with your friend and If you want more post like that comment down below.

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