How to get job at Google : 4 simple steps

Google has one of the most famous search engine on internet and not only the search engine, Google company also plays very important role in click based advertising, online tools, and other productivity software and many more.Google has so many projects on the go that’s why they need employers to work on their different projects. Finding job in Google is not that is thing but it is possible.We are going to taught you which type of job opportunity Google providing you and how to get into it in 4 simple steps.

STEP 1:Type of job and requirements in Google

So basically Google is one of the most famous and highest paid company which has biggest marketplace on internet. Google has so many projects on the go.
That’s why Google needs employers to work on different projects in their company. That’s why their are many different jobs in Google and I’m gonna tell you some of the most paid jobs in google.
  • Partner development manager
  • Technical program manager
  • Senior research scientist
  • Data analysts
  • Senior product marketing manager
and many more.
Google has very long list of jobs in their company.


Now the question is that what are the requirement to get job in Google. So basically you have to understand that Google is known for their tough hiring process but they never give job on the basis of GPA.
They try to find high skilled employers for their company. And also if you have diploma or degree in field of computer science and programming that be the advantage for you. You have to know some programming languages. So you have to become skilled.

STEP 2:Learn to code

Now you have to learn programming to get job in Google. Programming and coding play very important role in google company.If you have the skill of programmer you have great opportunity to find job in google.

 Now which programming language helps you to get in Google. Their are list of some programming

  • JAVA
  • JAVA Script
  • P.H.P 
  • RUBY
  • PYTHON,etc.

If you have no knowledge of programming and coding so go and learn. Their are many institute who can help you to learn programming and you can also learn programming with the help of internet.
So in my opinion go and develop your programming skills.

STEP 3:Get professional

That I previously said Google has very tough hiring process and they never give you job on the basis of your highest GPA and percentage.
They need high skilled employs for their company that’s why you have to be professional and well skilled.
Try to get some experience, generate a problem solving attitude, make yourself well skilled. Go and take some internship program which help you to get professional. Google also provide internship programs and give certification in several program which make you professional physically and mentally.

STEP 4:Learn about company 

Now after the all these steps the question is that where to apply for job in Google. And for that visit to the website of Google jobs.
Google takes it’s hiring very seriously that’s why they made the website where you can apply for job and get all the knowledge about the Google hiring process and what it feel to work with Google.

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