How to Get More Traffic to Your Website

Website and writing blog post are one of the most famous way to earn money online but you need traffic on  your blog if want to make money with it. And if you are beginner at this field then it’s quit difficult to get traffic to your blog because the competition is very high there are many other blogger who also trying to get ranked on Google and get more & more traffic. That’s why we are here to teach you 5 simple tricks to generate traffic on your website

1.Become social

Now your posting a very good quality content on your website and your waiting that someone find your post and you get traffic so that’s not going to work. If you want traffic on your website you have to promote your blog.
Now the question is that how to promote your website for free.
For that social media is best option to promote website for free. So basically whatever content you posting on your website share those on all the social media platform like- Facebook , Instagram, Twitter and so on,that is one of the best way to promote website.There are many Facebook pages where you can share your content and get lots of traffic and you can also make your own Facebook page.So go and get social

2.Buy your own domain and hosting

So the next tip to generate traffic on your website is to buy your own domain. Now many people are writing post on free blog on sub-domain and blogging with free blog at beginning is good but you have to buy your own custom domain name of your website and not only domain but also hosting for your website.
Buying your custom domain and hosting is quit better then using free domain because using custom domain name and a good hosting generate more traffic to your website in compare to the free blog.
So try to buy your own domain and hosting as soon as possible.

3.Make a good title

Making a good title is most important thing on your blog because the title is the first thing which people see and people came to your website after watching your headline.
So try to choose some interesting , SEO friendly , and attractive headlines of your website. 
 Your headlines should jump out the reader and quick draw their attention. You can take help of Google to know what people mostly ask and then try to write on that topics in your blog.

4.Do On Page SEO

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is still the most important think to rank your website on Google and get more traffic to your website.Now SEO is the way or you can say that trick by which you can rank your website on Google first page.
SEO is very wide thing to explain that’s why I am giving you just an overview at On page SEO. For on page SEO you can create internal links to new posts, make good meta description, make custom permalinks, and many more that will help you to boost your traffic.

5.Submit website at Google search console

Now the last but not the least use Google product to rank on Google. Yeah, that’s right Google also helps you to reach more traffic at your website  and for that you can take help of Google search console where you can submit your website  and Index on Google.
Google search console help you to show your website performance among other website,also help to target international traffic  and many more. So go and submit your website URL on Google search console.

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