How to grow Instagram follower instantly

In now days Instagram one of the most biggest social media platform where you can share your photo and video with your followers for likes and comments but what if you are not getting follower. Think about that you are not any celebrity or a famous person that who people will follow. So i’m gonna tell you how to grow your Instagram follower in just 5 simple steps.

STEP 1:Remove private setting from your account

Yeah, guys that’s true you have to remove your private setting from your account. The reason that you are not getting followers is may be your private account. Let me explain that, why any person follows you may be because of your photos or may be some interesting post on your account but if your account is private no one gonna follow you because he can’t able to see your post. And also no one has that much patience that he/she follows you and wait until you accept their request. So first of all convert your account private to public.

STEP 2:Upload high quality photos

So the next step is to upload high quality photos. My friend you have to understand that why people want’s to follow you because of your post in which they will find something interesting. Now some of the people always post their selfies you have to understand that if you are some celebrity or a famous person than posting selfies will be fine but you are not one of them no one wants to see your selfies. That’s why try to post something interesting.

STEP 3: Use Instagram features 

In last few years Instagram updated them to the next level they have added some of the new amazing features like ‘IGT TV’ , ‘Emotion meter’, ‘boomerang’ and many more which will helps you to grow your Instagram follower.Try to use all of the Instagram features in your post, do live streams, that will help you to engage with your followers.

STEP 4:Use location tags

Now the fourth step is to try location tags in your post. If you are posting story, or a photo which is related to some where you visited like restorent,hill station, or somewhere that you want to show your followers then use location tags in your post. That is also a very trusted way to grow your follower instantly.

STEP 5:Using trending hashtags

Now using hashtags most common way to grow your Instagram followers but most of the people don’t use hashtags in their posts. So in my suggestion try to use trending hashtags in your post.
You can use hashtags like search terms, like keyword in your post.
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