How to make career in Internet of things in 2019

 The industry of IOT( internet of things) is grown very much in past few year and now it is one of the best career choice for those students who are from stream of computer science and electrical engineering.In 2017 the use of IOT devices are increased up to 8.4 billion, outnumbering people.

And that’s why there is need of well knowledge IOT developers. There are lot’s of area are in play like security,networking,system engineering, cloud programming, and hardware device programming.
So, that’s why we are going to give you some overview about what is IOT(internet of things) and how can you make bright future in the field of IOT

What is IOT(Internet of things)

IOT( Internet of things) is a network of devices for ex- vehicles, and home appliances with electronic software and connectivity which allows these things to connect, interact and exchange data.
Now, there is four stages for developing IOT  devices

Assemble the physical hardware: 

For this you need to learn some engineering skill which is important because most IOT devices use pre-assembled boards and sensor to them.

Programming the devices:

By the heading you all can understand that it requires the programming skills for developing IOT device.

programming the server to receive data:

In this you will require the knowledge PHP, ASP.NET, AND Node.js and database query based on MySQL.

Displaying data:

This include the interface for displaying the data like web page of app that will depict the data to the user.

How to became IOT developer 

In the above section we learnt all about what is IOT devices and now, we are going to tell you 4 simple steps to make career as IOT developer

Step 1:Learn about sensors

Sensors are the important part of the IOT devices, that’s why those who want to make career on field of IOT they have the deep understanding of sensors. If  you are from the stream of computer science and electrical engineering it’s more easy to gain knowledge about sensors but if you want to learn about sensors online then there is IEEE and other professional organization which provide courses about sensors and also provide sensor based projects to enhance your go for it

Step 2:Learn programming

Before pursuing the IOT developing as career you have to learn programming because programming is base to develop an IOT device and most useful and best programming language in this field is Python and JavaScript. In building an IOT device  there are software programming for which there is need of programming knowledge.

Step 3:Do projects on Raspberry Pi

Now, Raspberry Pi is like tiny computer which is mostly used for IOT devices.Raspberry Pi are very inexpensive, they’re also great way to learn how to solder a simple circuit and link those circuit to the software.Using Raspberry Pi in building there projects are very useful to to enhance there practical knowledge in field of IOT devices. So, be more familiar with that.

Step 4:Find a community

Try to connect with those person who is already doing great in field of IOT and Those who giving there ideas a real face.By meeting people from your community helps you to develop your knowledge and explore new ideas in field of IOT and help you to reach your goal of becoming an IOT developer . Those who always try to learn something new they have strongest path
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