How To Make Money By Event Blogging

Hey guys, so it’s been very long time since I posted any article, but don’t you worry I am back again with amazing online earning tip which helps you to earn lot’s of money by sitting at home.

Event Blogging!!! Have you heard this word before? If you don’t, let me explain you that what is event blogging. So, basically event blogging is blog which target the special occasion and festivals For example: New Year Eve.

Suppose today is new year eve, and a internet connection on your phone what will you do?
     Most probably you search new year related stuff like
  • New year wishes post
  • New year gifts, etc.
That’s true, and believe me maximum person in the world do same thing and mostly they go through Google and any other search engines. So, If you make event related blog then there is great chance to rank your blog fast and you can make lot’s of money through it.
So, without making a further delay, let’s start learning that How To Make Money By Event Blogging in three simple steps.

Step 1: Finding an Event

In our first step you have to find a perfect event, try to target those events or festivals which is widely searched on internet because this type of event drive more traffic and generate lot’s of money. 
Event blogging is slightly different in terms of normal blogging, so try to choose event that much bigger in terms of search. here are list of some popular events-

Top 10 Event For Event Based Blogging

  • New year eve 
  • Exam Results
  • Olympics
  • FIFA World Cup
  • IPL
  • Election
  • Cricket World Cup
  • Holi
  • Diwali
  • Valentines Day

Step 2: Making a Blog

Now in this step we have to create our blog, this method does not require you to rank your domain/blog on the keywords, but still we need any platform to place Ads and make money with it.
So, to create blog you can use blogger platform, and there is no need to buy custom domain, you can make it free of cost.Add Google optimized template and publish 3-4 post , now you are ready start.

Step 3: Place Ads on Your Blog

Now our step is to placing ads on our blog because without showing ads on blog we can’t make money with it. So, you have to place ads on your blog, but make sure you follow policies mentioned by google because having Adsense approved account is not that easy thing.
But don’t you worry we have already written an article that How to approve your google adsense account. To read full article click the link down below-
And after getting adsense approval you just have to do is to place ads on your homepage as well as in your post created on specific events.
Thank You

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